We believe in the strength of the Chinese-Australian community in breaking the Bamboo Ceiling

Mentorship kit so we can be stronger, together

What is the Bamboo ceiling?

According to Jane Hyun, the bamboo ceiling “is a combination of

influences that impede Asian Australian’s career progress inside organisations.”

It impacts East and South Asians, however, considering the diversity of cultures, this toolkit is narrowed specifically for young Chinese-Australians who are about to graduate.


How can young Chinese-Australians feel empowered and confident in their transition from university to the workplace?


How can we help young people grow in leadership?


How can we work together as a community to strive for equality in the workplace?

How does it work?

Step 1.

Search for a mentor

This could be anywhere online, or someone from your workplace. We have designed a Linkedin profile badge and a physical badge specifically for mentors participating in the program, so we strongly suggest reaching out to them!

Note that some mentors might mentor only specific sections of the toolkit.

Step 2.

Reach out!

Shoot them a message politely. Introduce yourself and your background and a couple of sentences saying why you would want them to me your mentor.

Mentors might not always have time. 
Please be respectful of their time and if they are too busy at the moment, there are always mentors out there willing to pair up with you.

Step 3.

Spark a conversation!

Once paired with a mentor, book in a session with them and spark a connection using our toolkit provided.

Explore the kit

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